Physiotherapy Bhopal

Physiotherapy Bhopal provide home visit facilities for patients or prefer to be treated at home, home visit doctor for old people or people with chronic illness who are unable to visit a hospital or prefer to be treated at home.
we provide rehabilitation to all patients physiotherapy services like physiotherapy, nursing, attendant/home fitness aide, physician visit, lab tests at your home & all types of physiotherapy machines & equipment

Physiotherapy Bhopal


It has been rightly said that if you want to keep your mind healthy, then keep it calm, if you want to keep your body healthy then keep it moving as much as possible. Trained physiotherapists by the patient, pregnant, suffering from the structure, keeping normal people healthy through pressure and specific physical activity or relieving any pain etc. comes under Physiotherapy. Nowadays, due to the pleasures of comfortable amenities, even for simple routine tasks, mobile-looking and sitting-style of life is taking people to bed-hold state, ie, making patients as they would if any machine if not in regular use. If brought, then there will be a problem of rust and parts jammed in the same way mobility is necessary to keep the body smooth, otherwise miscellaneous type of problems occurs, such as joint pain due to reduced natural lubrication, stiff neck and back stiffness, after spending a lot of time in selected postures and asanas.

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Mr. Deepak Soni

CEO & Founder

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